In my 75+ years on this Earth, I’ve come to realize a few things about myself. Now, I can’t exactly claim to be a black American man – that’s a stretch even for me – but I have felt an indomitable bond with black culture – from my earliest dalliances with The Blues to my rhythm and Blues-infused years of junior high and high school, to my last 30 years of exploring live music and dancing those two steps and waltzs – Zydeco, Baby! – with my partner, Christy. To illustrate the depth of my connection at first to black culture and then to the wonderfully complex Creole culture, I once danced my heart out with Boozoo Chavis’s cousin at his Doghill Festival on the South side of Lake Charles. With a wink and a chuckle, she quipped, “Lawd, you can dance. I know you got Black in you somewhere…” Take that as you will…

Now, onto the ‘official’ stuff.

The contents shared in “Blue Notes” come sprinkled with a mix of quizzical musings, inspirations, educational titbits, and a good old dash of the informative. Well, y’all, even though I’ve been burning the midnight oil to ensure the truth of this material, don’t you dare think it takes the place of genuine expertise or your own deep dives into the annals (mind those two n’s now) of Blues history. Now, about my way of digging up facts: I lovingly dub it “shotgun research”. Think of it as firing off in all directions and seeing what sticks. A smidge chaotic, a touch scatterbrained, but every so often, right on target. Now, given the… let’s call it “unique”… nature of my research method, I’m leaning on y’all for some intelligent feedback. Always best served with a side of laughter and a hearty challenge from keen minds like yours!

Alright, listen up, folks. The genius behind “Blue Notes” – me – can’t promise you smooth sailing all the way. So if there’s a hiccup, a head-scratch, or a “huh?” moment as you navigate these waters, remember I am giving you a heads-up. If you’re aiming to truly get The Blues in your bones, it’s a smart move to consult the pros, the tried-and-true Blues buffs, and yes, those endearing Blues nerds we all have a soft spot for. And while I believe “Blue Notes” is brimming with insights, don’t take it as the gospel truth for all things, products, or people. Well, unless we’re chatting about my good ol’ pals. Plunge into these depths at your own discretion.

“Yeah You Right… except when you wrong…”

Alright, y’all, here’s the lowdown. Inspired by Boozoo Chavis, I’ve slapped up some hand-written signs right at The Whirlybird entrance that plainly state: “Enter At Your Own Risk.” Now, I suggest you take a moment and ponder on that a bit!

As you dive deep into these Blue Notes, if your sharp eyes catch a slip-up or something amiss, I’ve got a proposition for you. Head over to the comments section beneath each post, and don’t be shy. Share your thoughts or set things straight. But hang on a second! If your well-intentioned feedback adds another layer of mystery rather than clarity, remember, yours truly won’t be holding the bag. That mantle of “Blue Notes Comment Section Corrector” rests proudly on your shoulders. By chiming in, you’re not just another reader; you’re an active participant in the Blue Notes saga. So, roll up those sleeves, join the discussion, and help craft our collective Blues story! Happy reading (and commenting)!

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