Copyright Statement for Jim Phillips, The Whirlybird, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana regarding this document called Blue Notes:

© 2023 Jim Phillips, The Whirlybird Compound-Seat O’ My Pants Productions, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, and all you wonderful comment-section contributors (yes, even the cheeky ones). All rights reserved. But not too uptight.

But, of course, there’s gotta be a threatening part: This jumble of jargon, pics, soundbites, and other creative concoctions is automatically sealed up tighter than a crawfish’s claw during supper time, thanks to those finicky copyright laws and this here mention. Now, if by some wild bayou breeze we “borrowed” a thing or two without askin’ or without crediting (our bad!), holler at us, and we’ll mend our ways. We’re big enough to admit that on occasions we make mistakes. But, now the truth, if you’re pondering pinching or primping without giving a shoutout to the Blues Notes, or ol’ Jim or The Whirlybird Compound-Seat O’ My Pants Productions?… well, brace yourself! You’d be in hotter water than a crawfish boil at a Zydeco Trail Ride…

Wanna chitchat about using some of this gold? Don’t be shy, drop a line:

Jim Phillips – The Blue Notes
4072 Highway 182, Opelousas, LA 70570

Oh, and any mention of products, services, or mysterious entities in this piece doesn’t mean we’re best buds or anything. It’s just a good ol’ fashioned shoutout.

So, put on your best manners and treat this work like grandma’s secret gumbo recipe. Handle with care, and simply ask before you borrow a cup of creativity! Unless you’re too hungry to stop cooking and you’ll tell us later… right?

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