Cleoma Falcon:

Cleoma Falcon was a pioneering figure in Cajun music, known primarily for her vocal talent and skilled guitar playing. In the 1930s, alongside her husband, Joe Falcon, she made history with their recording of “Allons à Lafayette,” which is credited as the first ever Cajun song to be recorded. Cleoma’s unique blend of traditional Cajun sounds with elements of early country and western music played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of Cajun music. Her contributions, both as a performer and a recording artist, have solidified her legacy as one of the foundational voices in the evolution of Louisiana’s rich musical heritage.

Sheryl Cormier:

Sheryl Cormier, often celebrated as the “Queen of Cajun Music,” stands out as one of the few prominent female accordionists in the traditionally male-dominated Cajun music scene. Hailing from Louisiana, Sheryl’s immersion in Cajun culture and music began in her childhood. Throughout her illustrious career, she has not only preserved the traditional sounds of Cajun music but has also been an ambassador for it, performing both nationally and internationally. Her trailblazing journey, marked by her exceptional musicianship and dedication to her roots, has paved the way for future generations of female musicians in Cajun music and solidified her legacy as a cultural icon.

Ann Savoy:

Ann Savoy is a multifaceted talent in the world of Cajun music, renowned for her roles as a musician, author, record producer, and preserver of Cajun culture. Originally from Virginia, her deep connection to Cajun music blossomed upon meeting her future husband, Marc Savoy, a master accordion builder and musician. Together, they, along with their children, have been at the forefront of promoting the musical traditions of Louisiana.

Notably, Ann’s scholarly endeavors have culminated in the penning of the definitive “Cajun Music: A Reflection of a People, Vol. 1 & 2,” an encyclopedia chronicling the history, artists, and intricate layers of this vibrant music form. Beyond performing and writing, she has curated album compilations, ensuring that the legacy and nuances of Cajun music are meticulously documented for future generations. With her multifarious contributions, Ann Savoy stands as an emblematic figure in the preservation and promotion of the cultural and musical heritage of Louisiana.

Jane Vidrine:

Jane Vidrine is an integral member of the Grammy-nominated band, The Magnolia Sisters. Renowned for their dedication to preserving and revitalizing the Cajun, Creole, and old-time music traditions of Louisiana, the group has earned recognition on both national and international stages. With a deep appreciation for the stories and rhythms that have shaped the region’s musical heritage, Jane, alongside her bandmates, has worked tirelessly to bring these sounds to contemporary audiences. The Magnolia Sisters, celebrated for their harmonious vocals, versatile instrumentation, and authentic performances, not only encapsulate the spirit of Louisiana’s musical past but also breathe new life into it. Jane Vidrine’s passion, coupled with the collective talents of The Magnolia Sisters, has firmly established their place as ambassadors of Louisiana’s rich and enduring cultural legacy.

Anya Burgess:

Anya Burgess, a revered figure in Louisiana’s musical landscape, wears multiple hats with grace and finesse. As a core member of The Magnolia Sisters, she has contributed to the band’s Grammy-nominated efforts to keep Cajun, Creole, and old-time music traditions alive and resonant. Beyond The Magnolia Sisters, Anya also shines in Bonsoir, Catin, another prominent band known for its authentic Cajun rhythms and captivating performances.

Yet, music isn’t her only realm of expertise. Anya is the mastermind behind SOLA Violins, a luthier shop located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Here, she brings her craftsmanship to the fore, repairing and crafting stringed instruments that become integral to the region’s rich musical tapestry. Whether on stage with her fiddle or in her workshop amidst the scent of wood and rosin, Anya Burgess stands as a beacon of dedication to the art and soul of Louisiana’s cultural heritage

Lisa Trahan:

Lisa Trahan, deeply rooted in Louisiana’s vibrant musical heritage, is known for her significant contributions to the continuation and evolution of Cajun and Creole music. As a member of the Grammy-nominated ensemble, The Magnolia Sisters, Lisa has played a pivotal role in preserving the rich tapestry of sounds that define the region. Her musical lineage, being the daughter of the esteemed accordionist Harry Trahan, has undeniably influenced her path, embedding in her a profound respect for tradition while also fostering innovation. Through her performances and collaborations, Lisa Trahan not only honors her family’s legacy but also crafts her own distinct imprint on the Cajun music scene.

Tina Pilione:

Tina Pilione stands as a testament to the diverse tapestry of American music. A virtuoso across multiple instruments—fiddle, guitar, accordion, mandolin, and double bass—Tina’s musical talents are vast and varied. In collaboration with the renowned Marc Savoy, she has honed her skills as an instrument builder, further solidifying her mark in the musical world. Her dedication to education showcases her commitment to passing on musical traditions to future generations. Notably, Tina has delved deep into Calentano music, collaborating with Paul Anastasio, ensuring that this rich tradition continues to resonate and inspire. Across performance, craftsmanship, and teaching, Tina Pilione embodies the spirit of musical exploration and preservation.

Christine Balfa:

Christine Balfa is a torchbearer for traditional Cajun music and culture. Hailing from one of Louisiana’s most celebrated musical families, she is the daughter of the legendary Cajun accordionist Dewey Balfa. Christine’s passion for preserving and promoting Cajun music led her to found the all-women band, Balfa Toujours, which has been instrumental in bringing the authentic sounds of Cajun music to audiences worldwide. With her evocative vocals and skilled guitar playing, she not only honors the legacy of her forebears but also paves the way for future generations to appreciate and evolve the rich musical tapestry of Louisiana. Through her performances, recordings, and dedication to teaching, Christine Balfa stands as a pivotal figure in the continuation of Cajun musical traditions.

Yvette Landry:

Yvette Landry, a multi-faceted talent from Louisiana, has firmly established herself across various realms of music and literature. As a Grammy-nominated artist with the acclaimed band Bonsoir Catin, Yvette has showcased the depth and vibrancy of Cajun music to a global audience. Beyond the world of Cajun rhythms, her solo country career underscores her versatility, resonating with fans of heartfelt lyrics and traditional country melodies. Adding another feather to her cap, Yvette is also an accomplished author, penning stories that captivate readers with their authenticity and charm. With each endeavor, whether it’s through her music or writings, Yvette Landry champions the rich tapestry of Southern culture, making her a revered figure in the American cultural landscape.

Sisters, Laura Huval, Maegan Berard, along with their first cousin, Callie Guidry:

Sweet Cecilia is a shining beacon in the realm of Regional Roots music. Garnering a Grammy nomination for their album “A Tribute to Al Berard,” this trio has demonstrated a profound ability to resonate with listeners through their authentic sound. Comprising the talented Berard sisters, Maegan and Laura, alongside their equally gifted cousin Callie Guidry, Sweet Cecilia channels familial bonds and shared heritage to create musical magic. Deeply rooted in their Louisiana origins, and inspired by the legacy of their father and uncle, Al Berard, the group seamlessly weaves stories and melodies, marking them as a notable force in the contemporary musical landscape.

Queen Ida Guillory:

Queen Ida Guillory, often simply known as “Queen Ida,” reigns as a trailblazing figure in the world of Zydeco music. Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, her Creole roots deeply influenced her musical trajectory. She earned her “queen” moniker not just from her name, but from her unparalleled prowess on the accordion, making her one of the genre’s foremost female accordionists. Throughout her illustrious career, Queen Ida has brought the vibrant rhythms of Zydeco to international stages, capturing audiences with her infectious energy and passionate performances. A Grammy Award-winning artist, her contributions have solidified her place as a key ambassador and icon of Zydeco music, paving the way for future generations to explore and evolve this rich tradition.

Kristi Guillory:

Kristi Guillory, a cornerstone in the contemporary Cajun music scene, has showcased her talents as an integral member of the Grammy-nominated band, Bonsoir Catin. Hailing from Louisiana, her deep roots in the region’s rich musical traditions are evident in her evocative accordion playing and songwriting. Through Bonsoir Catin, Kristi has helped to reinvigorate and evolve the sound of Cajun music, merging tradition with modern sensibilities. Her passion and dedication have not only earned her critical acclaim but have also cemented her role as a vital contributor to the ongoing legacy of Cajun music in the modern era.

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