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Documentaries & Films:

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Personal Communications:

Interviews/Conversations with Blues musicians, historians and scholars – and maybe a few know-it-alls.

Visits to various Blues festivals and events.

Author’s notes:

Jim’s personal artistic voyage gave birth to these “Blue Notes,” a growing section of the Blues and Harmonica Summit at The Whirlybird Compound. Conceived as a deep dive into the intricate world of The Blues, “Blue Notes” mirrors the Summit’s evolution. Jim’s exploration of the roots, traditions, and game-changing artists of The Blues isn’t a solitary venture; he invites everyone to embark on this expedition with him. By fostering a collective Blues narrative, Jim envisions a space where every voice, including yours, the reader, adds depth and value to the “Blue Notes” journey. Encouraging community collaboration, the comment sections beneath his posts (excluding the introduction) serve as a communal hub for blues enthusiasts to share insights, stories, and ideas, turning an individual’s exploration of The Blues into a community’s shared odyssey.

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