If you are reading this for the first time, remember this is a rough draft of a beautiful thing in progress.

Thoughts to ponder – and stories…

“The Blues is like a planet. It’s an enormous topic. You can’t ignore the impact that it has had and continues to have on the whole musical culture.” – Wynton Marsalis

Hey y’all! Welcome to BLUES JOURNEY and to the Blown Away On The Bayou Blues and Harmonica Summit at The Whirlybird Compound. This journal will grow alongside the Summit, reflecting my personal journey into the rich world of The Blues. “Blues Journey” is where I share my discoveries, aiming to enhance not just my own understanding, but with a bit of luck, enriching the Summit experience for those who have attended and enjoyment of The Blues for those who have simply stumbled upon Blues Journey.

My writing is a reflection of the way I conduct my life. There is an outline of the primary course, but my explorations are governed through waves of creativity, spontaneity, and freedom of thought and action. Hopefully, the writing sets a stage for a deeper understanding, however, I do believe it’s the curated collection of standout videos and recordings that truly breathe life into this exploration, guiding us to the heart of blues music—the music itself. These videos and recordings unveil the essence of the blues, allowing the raw and profound human emotions ingrained in the melodies and lyrics to resonate, creating a powerful connection that transcends mere words. In this harmonious interplay of words and videos and recordings, I try to navigate through the poignant realms of human experiences and emotions that define the true essence of the blues. Join me as we explore the deep roots, traditions, and influential artists of The Blues together.

I would love it if you join me to start a collective Blues narrative for the BAOTB Summit – where every voice, including yours, is pivotal to adding value to the Blues Journey project and The Blown Away On The Bayou experience. How, you ask? We are in this amazing digital age. The Blues Journey is a digital blog. A blog allows us to share our ideas, experiences, and knowledge on various topics, enabling interaction and engagement with a wider community. It can also be utilized as a tool for personal or professional branding, as well as a platform to promote products, services, or causes you are passionate about. We can brand the Blown Away On the Bayou and The Whirlybird Compound experience by creating our own Bluesy Tribe with a unique narrative – we will tell a kool contemporary story about The Blues in our lives.

The comment section below each post (except this intro page) can serve as our communal gathering space, where members of our Bluesy Tribe come together and share ideas, information and stories. And, you will always find the entire index of posts at the bottom of each page. Take your pick and join the ongoing story.

I find it inspiring that an individual’s exploration of The Blues can evolve into a collective journey, fostering improvement and unity within the entire community. So, I invite you to embark with me on this Blues odyssey – we can revel in and chronicle an exploration into The Blues in unity, feeling good about having company along the path. Let’s celebrate and weave together one big-ass story as a united community – Y’all, we are an ever-expanding circle of friends of The Blues…

We kick it off with some homegrown Blues: Grant Dermody • Zydeoco Joe Citizen • Lee Allen Zeno • Danny Devillier • Chris Stafford – at The Whirlybird, of course…

The Blues at The Bird

Let The Blues spirit carry us and may we forever be “Blown Away On the Bayou.”

Jim Phillips,
His Humbleness, Fun Boss at The Whirlybird, or any other great title that will stick to the wall of fun-loving imagination…. Your friend of The Blues
You can find me @ http://thewhirlybird.com email: thewhirlybird@gmail.com